At the beginning of every problem and at the end of every solution is a human being. I believe that design can fundamentally transform all facets of the business and yield far superior results and outcomes.

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I have over twenty-five years of success in research and design, turning strategy into results and leading high-performing teams. I've worked with and for startups, Fortune 500 companies, and I was the owner and Chief Creative of an award-winning, digital design firm.

Scaling Design at IBM

I partnered with the Global Head of Design to build, scale, and enable a world-class design organization within IBM's Technology Garage. Together, we activated and coordinated over 70 designers within the Americas, including 4 Design Managers.

Developing High-Performing Teams

I help teams improve performance and deliver measurable value to business objectives and user outcomes. Read my article on the guiding principles of design leadership

At IBM, I served a team of 13 Designers and received the IBM Technology Garage 2021 Manager Recognition Award.

At Ventera, I served a research and design team of 18 researchers, designers, content strategists, and developers on a large program for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, where we received the highest UX maturity rating from the client's HCD Center of Excellence.

Design Foundations

I have introduced, established, and grown design teams in companies, while measurably proving the ROI of design.

At AgriLogic, my team and I revolutionized reporting to the Federal Government by reducing the time, cost, and processing that led to a 100% paperless, single-step process. Read my case study here.

Founder and Chief Creative

I ran a successful and award-winning, boutique design firm for over a decade. My team and I created design solutions for brands such as Nestle, Bank of America, Harvard, Synaptics, and more.

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