Mobile Family Organizer MVP
Role: Lead UX Design, UI Design, Research and Testing

The Problem

Modern family life can be hectic, fast-paced and stressful. Even with today's technology, families still struggle to align on some of the simplest activities, such as grocery shopping, to-do lists, dates, events, and other calendar items.

The Solution

Our challenge was to find out how we could help families get on the same page. We decided to build a mobile-based application, so they could share calendars, grocery lists and to-do lists. While we had a lot of ideas that came from our ideation sessions, we focused on building an MVP to test our inital concept. We had to be sure it worked better and easier than their current work-arounds or the top apps in that family organization space.

The Users

The target users of MismoTM were identified as:

  • Busy, married couples
  • Parents of children between newborn and teenage year
  • 25 to 50 years old
  • Comfortable with mobile technology

Additional users and outliers came out of our research and analysis, such as divorced parents with joint custody of their children and older children of elderly parents who required care, but we chose to stay narrow in our focus and solve the problems of the primary target families for the MVP.


We identified a group of families who home-schooled for initial interviews and testing, as they fit the target users, were easily accessible and expressed a willingness to help us early on in our research. Through several interviews we were able to understand their current workarounds, as well as the pain and consequences of not being aligned with their spouses.

We conducted online research for competitive review, including downloading and using a couple of the top apps in the space. We combed over hundreds of reviews to pull out enough data to do a S.W.O.T analysis of each.

Ultimately, the three biggest competitors were:

  • Pen and paper
  • Google Calendars
  • Cozi (App)

Through a series of user interviews, we were able to narrow a focused list of MVP deliverables, including:

  • Create and share calendar items
  • Create and share grocery/shopping lists
  • Create and share to-do lists
  • Sync with Google Calendars
  • Invite family members
  • Authentication via Google

Secondary requests were taken into consideration and placed in a backlog, should the MVP resonate with users and achieve product market fit. Some of those items included:

  • Create and share weekly meals plans
  • Print copies of weekly meal plans
  • Authentication via Facebook

User Flows

Based on the identified MVP, we needed to create user flows to flesh out the details and test our assumptions. After each user flow was outlined, we developed lo-fidelity prototypes in Adobe XD to test with users. We kept each task flow simple and succinct.

We used LEAN UX principles and tested several userflows with click-through prototypes in AdobeXD. Users liked the idea of the longer, friendlier wizard approach to signup, but resoundingly chose the quicker and simpler version.

UI Design

We realized this app would most often be targeted toward females as the intial buyer, but wanted to make sure the UI was neutral enough for both men and women. We also wanted it to have smooth edges and soft, cool colors to produce a calming affect on the users. The app had to immulate the opposite of their hectic family lives.

Next Steps

Mismo's MVP is currently in development. We will launch each capability as it is completed for immediate use and testing via a progressive web app. This will allow us to get the feedback we need to quickly iterate and update without having to go through the app stores to do so. It will also allow us to be platform agnostic, building one app for both Android and IOS. We are also testing marketing messaging online via Facebook, routing prospective leads to our landing page to collect emails and guage interest, as well as platform (Android of IOS).

Check it out at https://www.mismo.io/ or https://www.facebook.com/mismo.io/

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